About Us

Who We Are

Chiles Machos is a company based in Toronto operated by Mexicans with an extensive experience in Canadian food industry business in Canada.

We bring the most amazing Mexican Chilies to your table by working with the best farmers in Mexico so that we can offer you an extensive variety of chilies that no one else can.

We import the finest and authentic Mexican chilies, the quality of Chiles Machos surpasses all regulation by Canada food inspection agency.

We are proud to represent our Mexico with the best high quality Chiles in Canada.

Our Mission

Is to be committed with high standards of quality in our products harmonizing with an excellent customer service. Sharing and giving a little of our culture through the Mexican gastronomy to achieve chilies to be delighted and known for the diversity of colors, flavors and aroma.

Our vision

Is never stop from innovating, always look for a practical solution to the food service market, reinventing each product for the different needs of our customers and always preserving the true flavors in their natural version.

The best customer service, create a bond, permanent and valuable relationship with our employees, clients and suppliers.